There is something so reassuringly narcissistic about having a website, and not quite as tragic or try-hard as having a vanity plate for your car.  It’s democratic and autocratic at the same time – I can have my say and say just exactly what I want… but you can’t. Because this is mine, and if you want your say, then off you go and get your own blog.

Not in an unfriendly way, of course. Just an autocratic way.

So welcome to my little corner of the internet. There is likely nothing to interest you here, it is basically my journal – santitised for general consumption, just in case someone stumbles across it

Sit back, relax, and enjoy the ride

Not Wrong, Since 1973


Well no, not entirely – but partly I guess.

The “tagline” comes from a bastardisation of a Judge Judy quote and is as tongue in cheek as it is a façade for a more serious edifice. The first part of the edifice is that there is such a thing as “absolute truth” – that some things are true, whether we believe them or not; their being true does not depend on anyone believing them to be true.  The second part of that edifice depends on the fact that we all have opinions and beliefs that shape our being.

And this is the fun part. Where we disagree on what is true (actually, universally true) then someone is right, and someone is wrong.

There is such a thing as “absolute truth” and if we have differing views on that truth, then plainly one of us is right and the other is wrong – and I am the one that is right

You may say that in Christchurch right now it is raining; and I might say that the weather is fine with a beautifully sunny Canterbury summer’s day. What the weather is doing is a matter of fact. I am right, and you are wrong (because it is actually a beautiful day out there, even though I am wasting it inside writing this)

The same is true for things that cannot be immediately demonstrated.  You may say that “God exists” and I may say that she doesn’t. Again, one of us is right and one is wrong, because (once we have dealt with semantics) either there is “God” or there isn’t… Just because you believe there to be “God” doesn’t make you right, when it turns out that there isn’t.

Where you disagree with me, please try to remember that I haven’t been wrong since 1973.  It must be true, because it’s online


Despite never being wrong, I do sometimes make mistakes, mainly the result of laziness and half-heartedness.

The failure to back up websites is an example of such a mistake.  Those of you that are returning to the site to re-read a very well written and entertaining blog post, or to drool over a scantily clad man who tickled your fancy will notice that those very same posts no longer exist. It’s because I am lazy and didn’t back up, and now those posts are lost and gone forever.

You are not as pissed off as I am, trust me.  So we must both let it go, move on, and enjoy whatever comes next.  It will be equally entertaining, distracting and infuriating, I am quite sure!

And yes, I will be backing this iteration up. Often


Had I done regular site backups you would be treated to various interesting blog posts here.


I didn’t, so now you will have to wait for those fascinating posts to be replaced by other equally distracting musings. Here is what is heading your way:

The Boys

Because, let’s face it, if you found this page it’s likely because you were looking for something pretty to look at rather than to read my random thoughts. Well, here they are. #SexSells

The Other Shit

Stuff that refuses to be categorised

The Daily Grind

Stories from the coal face. The life of a hospo-drone, because fuck TripAdvisor… sometimes you people should simply not be allowed out unsupervised! How do you even survive day-to-day?

The Gym

Tracking the change from fat homo to slightly less fat homo. There will absolutely not be any half naked gym selfies here, and that is something for which you should be thankful

The Rants

Things that are on my mind, probably because they pissed me off beyond what would be reasonable to expect. Go ahead and disagree, you will be wrong but that is your “right”

The X Files

Don’t say I didn’t warn you

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